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Bangladesh Basics

All the basic facts about Bangladesh.

Start off with some brief facts about Bangladesh. Find out where we are located. Have a look at the national flag of Bangladesh. Listen to Bangladesh's national anthem and find out the words. What are our national icons and symbols? Find out about Bangladesh geography. Be enamored by the flora and fauna of Bangladesh. Learn about the history of Bangladesh and our struggle for freedom. Read about the cities of Bangladesh. What's the low temperature in Dhaka today? Find out now: the climate and weather in Bangladesh. Want to learn more? Do visit the directory of Bangladesh related sites.

Shaheed Minar

Bangladesh Vitals

The vital facts about Bangladesh.

A vast array of information about the state of Bangladesh - government , parliament and the judiciary. Learn more about Bangladesh politics and the state of its human rights. Read about our leaders, elections and political process. How strong is the economy of Bangladesh? Learn more about the economy, business and finance. The state of health in Bangladesh. The education system in Bangladesh. Find out about our colleges and universities. Learn more about transportation, communication and the media in Bangladesh. Defending the mother land. Ruminate over the state of Bangladesh environment and ecology. Do visit the directory of Bangladesh related sites.

A Yarn Seller in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Lifestyles

People, lifestyle and culture of Bangladesh.

Who are we? Come and find out the about people of Bangladesh, her finest treasure. Learn about how we live, what we believe in (religion), what we care about. See us, talk to us, picture us. What do we eat? and where? Do visit our guide to some Bengali restaurants and tasty Bangladeshi recipes. Learn about our Bangla language. Learn to speak Bangla on-line; this includes a transliteration schema, a on-line dictionary and a primer, a phrase book and much much more. You can also read about Bangladesh literature. Find out about the art, music and culture of Bangladesh. What do we play? Sports and games in Bangladesh. What about our holidays? Find out about our festivals and cultural traditions. Information for Bangladeshi expatriates. Do visit the directory of Bangladesh related sites.

Cox's Bazaar Beach in Bangladesh

Tourists in Bangladesh

Visiting Bangladesh, touring Bangladesh.

Would you really like to visit Bangladesh? First have a look around and be treated to the sights of Bangladesh. You can also view some scenes from history, or visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum, that commemorates the sacrifice made by so many to achieve our freedom. It is not enough to see us, come and listen to us. Some sounds from Bangladesh. Do check out the magnificent Ilish (Hilsa shad), the favorite fish of a fish-eating nation. If your appetite has been whetted and you would really like to visit Bangladesh, accompany me to Destination Bangladesh!, your own arm-chair travel guide! Do visit the directory of Bangladesh related sites.


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